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Since this project followed koa's design, it has the same problem on types. Here I have a proposal to bring better type support for middleware.

The problem is that you cannot extend Application's type parameter when applying middlewares(which attach extra properties to ctx.state) on it. For example:

const app = new Application()

app.use(ctx => {
    ctx.state.username = 'foo'
}).use(ctx => {
    // not type safe for username

My idea is we can change the prototype of use like this:

class Application<S>{
  use<NS extends {} = S>(middleware: Middleware<NS, Context<NS>>): Application<NS extends S ? NS : (S & NS)>

So we can happily write middleware with type checking:

// when need to extend context type, declare only what you want to attach
app.use((ctx: Context<{ name: string }>) => { = 'foo'
  // I'm not including next here for simplification 
// extend again
.use((ctx: Context<{ id: string }>) => { = 'id'
// context type is by default according to last middleware
.use((ctx) => {
  // ctx has a default type = 'id' = 'name'

It's not hard to do so if we don't support applying multiple middleware by one use call(which should be a rare use case).

And it's a little complicated for Router, we also want Router to have same context type as Application, so the Router instance must be created by a Application instance, so its type parameter can be inherited.

Application<S> {
  createRouter(): Router<S>

If you're good with this, I'll be working on it and send a pull request. Or please reply if have any comments.


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