Ask questionsSpawned process don't trigger close or exit event


When i spawn a process and write in his stdin he will not trigger "close" or "exit" event.

emuObject.currentProcess = spawn(externalCommands[cmd], cmdArgs, {});

            emuObject.currentProcess.stdout.on('data', function(data){
                self.emit('createOutput', emuObject, data.toString());

            emuObject.currentProcess.stderr.on('data', function(data){
                self.emit('createError', emuObject, data.toString());

            emuObject.currentProcess.on('exit', function(code, signal){
                console.log('exited process');

            emuObject.currentProcess.on('close', function(code, signal){
                console.log('closed process');
                if(code == 0){
                    emuObject.currentProcess = null;
                    self.emit('createLine', emuObject,;
                    emuObject.currentProcess = null;
                    self.emit('createLine', emuObject,;
                    self.emit('killEmu', emuObject, true);

i tried:

    emuObject.currentProcess.stdin.write(cmd + '\n');

but it does nothing I tried too

    emuObject.currentProcess.stdin.write(cmd + '\n');

but it end the child process instantly.

Just in case it can have something to do with this issue, i'm using nw.js

Any idea?


Answer questions arnotes

i have a weird issue where sometimes it fires exit event and sometimes not. it was a pretty simple command. spawn('dotnet', [--version]);

any can point me on a workaround?


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