Ask questionsfsevents installation crashes with "'MSVSProject' object has no attribute 'iteritems'"

I had the same issue as @jamietre in npm/npm#8878. Looking at the stack trace, I'm pretty sure it's node-gyp that's encountering some sort of error while trying to install fsevents (a Mac OS X-specific module, from the looks of it). The error message seems generic enough to be a gyp-related one rather than an fsevents one though, so I'm filing it here.


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The error message is:

AttributeError: 'MSVSProject' object has no attribute 'items'

Note that in the screenshot it says node-gyp 5.05. However, version 6.1.0 is installed globally....


Update: Meanwhile I cannot reproduce the problem anymore. I do not know what change made this work. I no longer need the workaround (locking fsevents to particular version) anymore either.

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