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Issue with git remote parsing logic

  1. User has a private bitbucket server, with .git/config remote: url = ssh://

  2. user uses netlify init --manual and we create a repo with a bad spec: Repo.path is set to ~steve.steve/netlify-test.git meaning we don't try to reach his server when cloning and fail

  3. user uses netlify sites:create --manual --with-ci and it works correctly, setting Repo.path to which works well.

It would appear that init and sites:create are using a slightly different git remote parsing mechanism.

one uses parseGitRemote looks like its working and the other uses getRepoData which appears to not be working

The git remote parsing logic appears to be different for each.

It appears that the parsing logic for netlify sites:create --manual --with-ci is working correctly in the scenario above


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Ah, I see what you mean now. However, since that UI field is directly connected to the "automatic" setup for continuous deployment, I think that would actually be a much bigger change than fixing the bug in this issue.

In the end, maintaining two different commands that do essentially the same thing doesn't really make sense. I suspect that the best path forward is to make sure sites:create includes all of the functionality of init and then gradually deprecate init.


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