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Request for Mozilla Position on an Emerging Web Specification

  • Specification Title: Default Accessibility Semantics for Custom Elements
  • Specification or proposal URL:
  • Mozillians who can provide input (optional): Jamie Teh

Other information

This will allow Custom Elements to have "default" accessibility semantics, analogous to how built-in elements have "implicit" or "native" semantics.


this._internals.role = "checkbox";
this._internals.ariaChecked = "false";

These can be overridden using regular ARIA attributes as normal.

This is currently being implemented in Blink, and we intend to ship this alongside Reflecting IDREF/IDREF list ARIA attributes to element references.


Answer questions nschonni

Just making the comment here instead of the PR, but I think this should be important given discussions like which have people avoiding aspects of web components given accessibility gotchas


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