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@thorstenMueller just let me know that external cleaners for French have been integrated. Since we for quite some time are using my German cleaner lib german_transliterate in the German TTS project, I suggest to integrate it into Mozilla TTS as well for German language.

It can be integrated as any other pip resource except it needs the git interface:

pip install git+

Here is a snippet for code integration for phoneme-based cleaning:

from german_transliterate.core import GermanTransliterate

# use these setting for PHONEMIC ENCODINGS as input
cleaned_text =  GermanTransliterate(replace={';': ',', ':': ' '}, sep_abbreviation=' -- ').transliterate(raw_text)

or these for character-based cleaning:

from german_transliterate.core import GermanTransliterate
ops = {'acronym_phoneme', 'accent_peculiarity', 'amount_money', 'date', 'timestamp',
        'weekday', 'month', 'time_of_day', 'ordinal', 'special', 'math_symbol', 'spoken_symbol'}

# use none or your own for other purposes than phonemic encoding and do not use 'spoken_symbol' or 'acronym_phoneme'
cleaned_text =  GermanTransliterate(transliterate_ops=list(ops-{'spoken_symbol', 'acronym_phoneme'})).transliterate(raw_text)

More information to be found on the github README page:


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