Ask questionsrun monero-wallet-rpc failed with 'E No message store file found: test1.mms'

version: v0.15.0.0-release/ubuntu 16.04

 ./monero-wallet-rpc --password password --wallet-file  test1 --rpc-bind-ip --rpc-bind-port 19999  --rpc-login user:password           

This is the RPC monero wallet. It needs to connect to a monero
daemon to work correctly.

Monero 'Carbon Chamaeleon' (v0.15.0.0-release)
Logging to ./monero-wallet-rpc.log
WARNING: You may not have a high enough lockable memory limit, see ulimit -l
2019-12-02 04:21:00.648	W Loading wallet...
2019-12-02 04:21:00.649	I Generating SSL certificate
2019-12-02 04:21:01.170	I Generating SSL certificate
2019-12-02 04:21:01.888	W Loaded wallet keys file, with public address: 42AKevf1rcdH8MA6HJ9kgWNW9w4yKmPXPFYrToNaqSpw1PVbyuY8AZ1NQPeB5kaTAbZde6EVdDEksczUeNhSFoTh4f3AtbG
2019-12-02 04:21:01.942	E No message store file found: test1.mms
2019-12-02 04:21:02.200	E --rpc-bind-ip permits inbound unencrypted external connections. Consider SSH tunnel or SSL proxy instead. Override with --confirm-external-bind
2019-12-02 04:21:02.200	E Failed to initialize wallet RPC server


Answer questions minereobot1

how i can generate this file ? monero.mms or wownero?

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