Ask questionsIf I have Python-related files in my workspace, automatically activate the extension

Goal - Lets not wait for the user to open a python file to activate the extension

If the user has some of the following files we could probably activate the extension without having to wait for the user to open a python file:

  • pip env files
  • poetry files
  • setup.cfg?
  • tox.ini
  • pyproject.toml
  • pytest.ini
  • requirements.txt
  • test_requirements.txt
  • .pylintrc
  • .flake8
  • src/
  • tests/
  • meta.yml
  • environment.yml
  • anaconda-project.yml
  • .pep8
  • .pycodestyle

Answer questions luabud

@ericsnowcurrently Let's start with pyproject.toml first to be conservative, then we can add as if we don't receive complaints.


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