Ask questions"write EPIPE" error when running "Python Refactor: Sort Imports"

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Environment data

  • VS Code version: Version: 1.48.0-insider
  • Extension version (available under the Extensions sidebar): v2020.7.94776
  • OS and version: MacOS 10.14.6 (AMD hackintosh if that matters)
  • Python version (& distribution if applicable, e.g. Anaconda): Python 3.8.2
  • Type of virtual environment used (N/A | venv | virtualenv | conda | ...): virtualenv
  • Relevant/affected Python packages and their versions: isort 4.3.21
  • Relevant/affected Python-related VS Code extensions and their versions: N/A
  • Value of the python.languageServer setting: Jedi

Expected behaviour

Given input file

from typing import List, Optional
from datetime import datetime

print("Hello World")

Using the python extension's "Python Refactor: Sort Imports" command, it should rearrange the imports in alphabetical order to the following:

from datetime import datetime
from typing import List, Optional

print("Hello World")

Actual behaviour

After pressing cmd+shift+P and selecting "Python Refactor: Sort Imports", I get this little error popup saying "write EPIPE" (see image).


NOTE: this works properly when runningisort manually from the terminal

Steps to reproduce:


    "python.pythonPath": "venv/bin/python",
    "python.sortImports.path": "isort"
  1. create file above
  2. create a virtual environment - virtualenv venv
  3. activate virtual environment - source venv/bin/activate
  4. install isort dependency - pip install isort
  5. Open command palette (cmd+shift+P on mac)
  6. Search "Python Refactor: Sort Imports" and select the correct command
  7. Press Enter




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@jaklan @hkennyv This is a duplicate of The error message is different from one before because we changed how we're running isort, but it's the same issue.

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