Ask questionscommand 'python.setInterpreter' not found when using code-server > 3.4.1


I think my code-server updates the python version (2020.6.88468) automatically, and yesterday I cannot add the python interpreter, the command windows outputs:

Command 'Python: Select Interpreter' resulted in an error (command 'python.setInterpreter' not found)

I rolled back the python version, but it does not help. For example, python2020.5.80290 can add the interpreter, but it raises another problem of the debugger

Error: The number of constructor arguments in the derived class s must be >= than the number of constructor arguments of its base class.
    at /root/.local/share/code-server/extensions/ms-python.python-2020.5.80290/out/client/debugger/debugAdapter/main.js:16:49625

The following information is the coder-server version and vs code version:

code-server: v3.4.1
VS Code: v1.45.1

Answer questions arseniybanayev

This is still an issue for me with the latest VSCode that is installed via and the latest python extension. As suggested, I am rolling back to extension version 5.x and it works.

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