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There should be no spaces by default inside the """.
Example: """Comments on a single line."""

If there's a text selection on multiple lines, the """ should be placed on separated lines above and below the selected lines.

Comments on
multiple lines.

I think that should be the default but it would be even better if you provide a setting to choose whether the starting quotes must be on a line by itself or not.

"""Comments on
multiple lines.

And the "toggle block comment" should be improved to uncomment the whole block when we executed the command with the cursor anywhere inside the comment or having a selection inside the comment.

See PEP-257.
Practical examples (Django): single line and multiline.


Answer questions luabud

Thanks for the suggestion! We talked about it with the team and we have unfortunately decided we will not be moving forward with this idea. We think there isn't an enough widespread need for this to warrant the maintenance cost for the feature.


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