Ask questions[Feature request] Multi-root: Allow disabling tests (discovery/prompts/...) for a root


Multi-root workspaces are motivated like this:

For example, you might have a repository with a product's documentation which you like to keep current when you update the product source code.

Exactly my use case. However, in such a multi-root workspace, I am now often confronted with the choice of one of the two folders for various operations. This is mostly fine, but really useless when it comes to testing: my documentation repo does not offer any testing whatsoever. So it's unnecessary work for me to select the product repo each time I discover tests, or run all tests, etc.

Maybe I have missed it, but a setting to disable all test functionality would be highly appreciated. I would then put this setting into the .vscode/settings.json in the documentation repo and be very happy. (If this already exists, I'd be even happier, but I haven't found it yet.)


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[updating my comment because I had misunderstood the problem, sorry about that!]

@bersbersbers this prompt you showed should only be displayed if you trigger test discovery (i.e. if you click on the "discover tests" button in the test explorer view or run the Python: Discover Tests command).


Can you confirm that this is what is happening?

You can also disable all test frameworks by adding the following to the .vscode/settings.json file in your docs repo:

 "python.testing.unittestEnabled": false,
 "python.testing.pytestEnabled": false, 

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