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The Intellisense window is too small for some Python docstrings. Here is an example from Plotly:


The window crushes everything together, is too small to read long texts, and disappears too easily on mouse movement. It also suppresses some text at the beginning, which should read Signature: fe.add_scatter(.

I propose to have an option to "dock" the popup Intellisense window into the VS Code UI, so that the result is similar to JupyterLab's "Contextual Help" tab:


It would also be good to have a dedicated shortcut, e.g. Ctrl-I, which directly shows the documentation in that docked window (again, JupyterLab style).


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@allefeld only today I realized this could actually be a request for the data science features in the extension, sorry about that! This was brought up to me: Would that be the same request? 😊


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