Ask questionsHow to support pylint 2.5.0 configuration files

Currently only pylintrc and .pylintrc files are searched to override minimalchecker. With pylint 2.5, users can also use pyproject.toml and setup.cfg files.

The current method to alleviate this issue is to explicitly set pylintUseMinimalCheckers to false.

Three options of support I see (from simple to hard):

  1. Add note about file options in linting documentation.
  2. Make pylintUseMinimalCheckers have to be explicitly set to false by user. This is a breaking change for pylintrc file users.
  3. Add checks for pylint config in these two files to keep implicit. This requires a complicated checker that parses through both setup.cfg and pyproject.toml.

Answer questions luabud

Once we address issue #11995, we will make pylintUseMinimalCheckers disabled by default (instead of enabled like we currently do). So I'm closing in favour of that 😊


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