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  • I love this ext. Everything redundant is omitted. Everything necessary is close enough to touch, except for the function pre-indexing which is inferior to PyCharm.
  • Pre-indexing: Create indexing for all repos, so that autocompletion works faster.
  • Actully this function is essential! Not just for speeding!
  • Here is the problem: When I finish typing a function name and start to typing parameters, the completion hint is still about the function(param) (It is supposed to be about local variables). Then if you give a 'Tab' or 'Enter'...

Although it may cost a little longer time to launch.


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Hey @l544301590, have you tried it with the Microsoft Python Language Server ("python.languageServer":"Microsoft" in your settings.json file)? I believe that last bullet isn't an issue with it. As for when using Jedi, this will be solved once we address, so I'm closing in favour of that.


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