Ask questionsRemote native debugging Playground with web debugging doesn't work anymore

We added some support for remote debugging the Playground app, see:

However this technique doesn't work anymore. I debugged this and found two issues:

  1. The privateNetworkClientServer capability isn't turned on in Package.appxmanifest
  2. The client code is failing to connect due to using localhost:8081. It looks like we're missing the plumbing code that was originally added to HostingPane, which is no longer being used in Playground.

We should find a way to re-enable this. We should also think about how to enable remote debugging for CLI apps when we fix this - ideally whatever we do would also work for template apps.


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The PR only fixes remote debugging in the Playground app and doesn't address remote debugging with CLI or with Visual Studio for the template apps, so I'm reopening the issue.


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