Ask questionsPress F5 does not hit breakpoint in remote debug.

Environment data

Build of Visual Studio Code - Insiders: 1.47.0-insider Build of python-insider: 2020.7.92197-dev

Actual behavior

the breakpoint can be hit and contiune pressing F5 , it should hit the breakpoint again.

Expected behavior

the breakpoint can be hit in the first time, but if continue pressing F5, the bp can not be hit and print all the result directly.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create python file named, enter content as following and set breakpoint in the sencond line:
for i in range(1, 10, 2):
    print (i)
print('demo done.')


2.Copy this file to ubuntu which should include ptvsd installed with same version as current machine a. install putty ( b. paste the IP of ubuntu
c. input user and pwd of ubuntu d. install ptvsd in ubuntu (pip install ptvsd) e. find pscp.exe in PUTTY(C:\Program Files\PUTTY) f. copy pscp.exe in C:\Windows\System32 g. open cmd and input below command: pscp <workspace of windows> <user of ubuntu>@<IP of ubuntu>:<workspace of ubuntu> 3. Execute python file in ubuntu: a. python –m ptvsd --host --port 5678 --wait 4.Select configuration "Python: attach", set the host value with IP of ubuntu/other windows 5.Press F5 to run the code


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Please try this with, and if you are still having problems, open an issue in that repo.

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