Ask questionsWhy it is automatically installed on my VM?

I've searched a lot but without any luck. I can confirm that I have never manually installed it. But it just shows on my VM. So I have the following questions:

  1. Why it is automatically installed? In what kind of situations?
  2. Is it safe to delete it?
  3. There is a crontab task runs every minute, what does it do? * * * * * [ \( ! -f /etc/opt/omi/creds/omi.keytab \) -o \( /etc/krb5.keytab -nt /etc/opt/omi/creds/omi.keytab \) ] && /opt/omi/bin/support/ktstrip /etc/krb5.keytab /etc/opt/omi/creds/omi.keytab

Thanks in advance!


Answer questions JumpingYang001

@Sraw it is a cron job for Kerberos authentication in omi, if you don't use Kerberos authentication or you don't want Kerberos to authentication with omi, we have provided a way to purge omi Kerberos setting started in omi 1.6.0 :

sudo /opt/omi/bin/support/ --purgeforever
sudo rm -rf /etc/opt/omi/creds/omi.keytab
sudo /opt/omi/bin/service_control restart

By default, it used Basic authentication for remoting and binary protocol for local communication between omiserver/omiengine and omicli.

It is installed by default when installing omi, and omi will be installed by OMS/LAD on Azure.

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