Ask questionsIs any client using partialResultToken?

I have an issue with the timing of code lens requests, and want to be able to send additional results through as they come available on the server. The new partial results mechanism seems perfect for this.

But as I understand the spec, they are signalled by each individual request from the client having a partialResultToken in it.

A basic search over github and my local installed clients does not show this being set in any client. And is only set in test code, as far as I can tell.

Is there an example anywhere of how to enable it in say a vscode client?


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It is certainly one of the hardest things to implement for a client (in a general way). It's also a chicken-and-egg problem: if no language servers have support for partial results, then what's the point of implementing it? I was hoping that some language servers would start implementing support for especially textDocument/references, but no dice so far. I would be happy to see a language server implementing it for textDocument/codeLens though (or even workspace/symbol).

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