Ask questionsXCode 12.5 Support critical due to Visual Studio stable update

Describe the solution you'd like To be able to select XCode 12.5 for builds

Describe alternatives you've considered My VS for Mac updated without me realising it would require XCode 12.5 which would require updating MacOS to Big Sur. I looked for how to downgrade Xamarin.iOS to continue with XCode 12.4 and haven't found a good solution, or what version I should get. I have now upgraded my dev machine in hope and faith that you will add XCode 12.5 before I really need it. The only alternative is to find another CI/CD provider.

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I'm really surprised that we have to make this request ourselves in the first place. One of the primary purposes of using a service like AppCenter is so that these kind of basic essential things get taken care of. And it's not like they didn't see it coming... Xcode 12.5 was in beta for months. Prior to 12.5, AppCenter seemed to stay on top of it, though they started to get a bit late over the last couple releases, but at least it got done. I was told by a support person that I had to come on this damn issue posting and "thumbs up" this if I wanted to see it get done. This is rediculous. We pay for this service -- this isn't some feature request or bug -- it's essential for the service to even be useful!

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