Ask questions[1.12] Turbines refusing to form?

Something appears to have changed, and turbines now outright refuse to form, even the simplest 5x5x5 or 5x8x5 setups... image image

  • coils in place above the rotational complex

  • condensers around the complex

  • outer frame made completely of turbine casing, along with top and bottom surfaces

  • all other faces either structural glass or casing, no difference

  • vent and valve presence has no effect

  • no difference between sizes up to max, nor chunk location

  • boiler structure completely unaffected, builds normally along side everything else

  • filling air blocks with glass and removing has no effect, nor does leaving open space in the boiler prevent it from working

  • thermal evap towers, while they form, will only show water/brine on the NW corner, which could be a correlated structure code issue?

Forge: 14.23.5, build 2838 Mekanism: 9.8.1, build 383

modlist.txt (note that betterfps is disabled)


Answer questions crapStone

The Saturation Condensers do not work, you need Pressure Dispersers.


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