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I've been trying to troubleshoot some issues I'm having while deploying ingress-gce, but my lack of experience with a working installation limits sometimes my expectations.

After deploying it to my cluster, I can see a new ingress created:

Name:             ai-cloud-production-ingress
Namespace:        default
Address:          <REDACTED>
Default backend:  default-http-backend:80 (<REDACTED>:8080)
  Host  Path  Backends
  ----  ----  --------
           api:80 (<REDACTED>:80,<REDACTED>:80,<REDACTED>:80)
Annotations:               {"k8s-be-30167--01177f64ec764488":"HEALTHY","k8s-be-32416--01177f64ec764488":"UNHEALTHY"}        k8s-fw-default-ai-cloud-production-ingress--01177f64ec764488     k8s-tps-default-ai-cloud-production-ingress--01177f64ec764488                k8s-um-default-ai-cloud-production-ingress--01177f64ec764488  ai-cloud-global-production    ai-cloud-production-ssl  k8s-fws-default-ai-cloud-production-ingress--01177f64ec764488               ai-cloud-production-ssl           k8s-tp-default-ai-cloud-production-ingress--01177f64ec764488
Events:                                         <none>

As can be seen on the describe ingress, one of my backends is listed as UNHEALTHY.

After verifying the backend configuration via cloud console, I was able to identify that the health check assigned to the backend has the incorrect URI.

  • Is it expected to have 2 backends for a service in a single cluster?

  • How can I troubleshoot the URI used for health check as it's incorrect?


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Just found the answer for my question on #241

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