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Problem snapshot


It looks like the extension is not correctly rendering colored characters in the output terminal. I'm not sure if that is a Vscode problem or an extension problem yet.

The Vs code version in use:


Here are the extensions in use:

  • DavidAnson.vscode-markdownlint@0.36.0
  • donjayamanne.githistory@0.6.5
  • eamodio.gitlens@10.2.2
  • ExodiusStudios.comment-anchors@1.8.0
  • Gimly81.matlab@2.0.0
  • GitHub.vscode-pull-request-github@0.17.0
  • hbenl.vscode-test-explorer@2.19.1
  • KevinRose.vsc-python-indent@1.10.1
  • lextudio.restructuredtext@128.0.0
  • littlefoxteam.vscode-python-test-adapter@0.4.3
  • mikestead.dotenv@1.0.1
  • ms-azuretools.vscode-docker@1.3.0
  • ms-python.python@2020.5.86806
  • ms-vscode-remote.remote-wsl@0.44.3
  • ms-vscode.powershell@2020.6.0
  • vscode-icons-team.vscode-icons@10.1.1

Test repository


Answer questions kondratyev-nv

@DanielAtKrypton Thank you for the issue! Python Test Log is provided by the Python extension. So if you're using the Python extension to run your tests, you should report this issue to Unfortunately, Python Test Explorer does not show any output during test execution (only after test was completed), so I can't confirm the issue. I will take a look at how output can be shown during test execution and whether Output panel supports colored output.


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