Ask questionsSC2016 shouldn't trigger for printf -v

For bugs

  • Rule Id (if any, e.g. SC1000): SC2016
  • My shellcheck version (shellcheck --version or "online"): 0.6.0
  • [x] The rule's wiki page does not already cover this (e.g.
  • [x] I tried on and verified that this is still a problem on the latest commit

For new checks and feature suggestions

  • [ ] (i.e. the latest commit) currently gives no useful warnings about this
  • [ ] I searched through and didn't find anything related

Here's a snippet or screenshot that shows the problem:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
declare -A arr
printf -v 'arr[$key]' "bar"
printf '%s\n' "${arr[$key]}"

Here's what shellcheck currently says:

printf -v 'arr[$key]' bar
          ^-- SC2016: Expressions don't expand in single quotes, use double quotes for that.

Here's what I wanted or expected to see:

Nothing, as in #873 and #1186. I'd actually expect there to be a warning if it wasn't single quoted or escaped, as it would then fail on keys like ], and it could lead to arbitrary code execution (related: #1322).

EDIT: This also happens with arithmetic, e.g. (( ++arr['$key'] )).


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Also doesn't apply using 'mdfind'


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