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Hi, I'm using Non-blocking visualization, it works well, I can diplay a sequence of point cloud, but I find now the visualization doesn't support interactive, I can't zoom, change view, and so on. the follow is my code: ` pcd = open3d.geometry.PointCloud() vis = open3d.visualization.Visualizer() vis.create_window() vis.add_geometry(pcd) opt = vis.get_render_option() opt.point_size = 1.0

for .....: pcd.points = open3d.utility.Vector3dVector(pts_lidar[0, :, :3]) vis.add_geometry(pcd) vis.update_renderer() vis.update_geometry() vis.poll_events() ` And I find simple change pcd.points, and use vis.update_geometry() will not change the point cloud display, must call vis.add_geometry(pcd)


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my points do not get update with update geometry


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