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General information

  • Version: 2.8.3+fcr
  • Device: Samsung J5 2015 (j5nlte)
  • Android Version: Android 10 (LOS)
  • Server name: self hosted:
  • Server software: ejabberd 20.04
  • Conversations source: F-Droid

Steps to reproduce

  1. someone sends a message to a MUC while being offline
  2. later the person comes online again and the message is being send with the old timestamp

Expected result

Conversations should still order the chats in the overview by their real newest message (the one with the newest timestamp).

Actual result

Conversations does display the MUC further down in the list, based on the the timestamp of the message that arrived last.


Answer questions jugendhacker

Also in the MUC the message has the old date, so you have: new messages, old one, new messages :)

That's not bad in my eyes, because without displaying the newly arrive message with old timestamp at the bottom you won't even register that a old message arrived...


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