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Hi guys,

Sorry if this is an old topic, but couldn't see anything about it in the issues list.

I like XaAES and it seems very stable, but I also like the AES3/4 desktop rather than any third party offering. I spend half my time in MiNT and half in vanilla TOS. I'd like the desktops to be the same.

The obvious solution is to use AES4.1 I appreciate it's a bit slow, but I just like it.

Any version of 1.19 I've tried fails with what appears to be a stuck key. Clicking on File->Open shows a Hebrew character (looks like 0xDB?) filling the box rapidly.

This doesn't happen on the 1.18 release, but this, and all versions back to 1.15 fail in a more subtle way: quick repeated clicking of a window arrow or other window widget causes mouse click lockup. The desktop continues running and responding to keypresses, but it's as if the mouse button is permanently down so no further interaction with the window or menu is possible.

Is AES4.1 off the table entirely, is this a genuine bug (the key repeat one looks like it might be) or have I missed something stupid?

All these tests carried out with a vanilla system. /mint folder contains only one line: GEM=c:/aes41.sys.




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Hi Miro, Thanks for the reply.

I've put together a couple of test floppy images to show the problem(s):

The first is fairly obvious, let 1.19 (latest version from the build page) and AES4.1 boot to the desktop. Press 'O' for the 'Open' dialogue. The problem should be obvious.

The second problem can be seen with the 1.18 image. Again, let it boot to desktop, open a drive window then try rapidly and repeatedly clicking on one of the arrow widgets. Some times it only takes three clicks for the widget to become locked 'down' and that's the end of any mouse interaction with the AES. Keyboard events are still processed, however!

I've tested these cases both on real hardware (stock Falcon 030, 14MB, TOS 4.04) and in Hatari (Falcon configuration and 4MB STE TOS 2.06 configuration). It's consistent.

Currently I'm using MiNT 1.12 and AES4.1 on my Falcon, but the enhancements over the last 20 years in the FreeMiNT project (notably the EXT2 driver) are very attractive, but this window event lockup bug makes it unworkable.



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