Ask questionsScripting constants changed in 1536d58fb5969c73644337053c8af2ffe3e0ae82

In commit 1536d58fb5969c73644337053c8af2ffe3e0ae82 the value of the constant causing ttf_flag_nohints was changed from 0x8 to 0x80000. 0x8 now means ps_flag_nohints.

In the case of python scripting, omit-instructions continues to map to 0x8 (now ps_flag_nohints, previously ttf_flag_nohints).

This change in values broke the build of the DejaVu fonts which uses both the constants and the python names to strip the tt instructions. I believe that this is also in violation of the documentation:


Do not include PS hints


Do not include TrueType instructions

I've submitted a patch downstream to fix the build:

But this patch is distro specific because some distros might ship fontforge versions from before 1536d58fb5969c73644337053c8af2ffe3e0ae82.


Answer questions mahkoh

Before the linked commit, using omit-instructions from python or the flag 0x8 from old-style scripts caused truetype instructions to be stripped. Now it no longer does. Are you saying this was intentional?


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