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  • Foam version: 0.7.2

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cant generate wikilinks as picture. I have tried the command foam: update markdown reference list. No debug massage founded in VScode.

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Answer questions SanketDG

The references do generate for me, maybe this bug is something related to windows paths?, since they do work on my *nix system.

The link [[ebl parameters]] seem to not link for me on Github (maybe because of spaces in the leading folder?)

[//begin]: # "Autogenerated link references for markdown compatibility"
[Low reflective index decrement]: Diamond_grating/low-reflective-index-decrement "Low Reflective Index Decrement"
[sputter]: Diamond_grating/sputter "Sputter"
[fib]: Diamond_grating/fib "FIB"
[ebl]: Diamond_grating/ebl "EBL Setup"
[chromium and oxgen plasma]: Diamond_grating/chromium-and-oxgen-plasma "chromium-and-oxgen-plasma"
[ebl parameters]: EBL & FIB/ebl-parameters "Ebl Parameters "
[hard-mask-diamond]: Diamond_grating/hard-mask-diamond "Hard Mask Diamond"
[icp-rie]: Diamond_grating/icp-rie "ICP-RIE"
[tapered structure]: Diamond_grating/tapered-structure "Tapered Structure"
[fluctuation_of_shot_to_shot]: FELs/fluctuation_of_shot_to_shot "Shot-to-shot fluctuations"
[behavior_of_seed_electron]: FELs/behavior_of_seed_electron "Behavior of seed electron"
[transmissive-spectrometer-design]: SpctrometerDesing/transmissive-spectrometer-design "Transmissive Spectrometer Design"
[//end]: # "Autogenerated link references"
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