Ask questions["BUG"] No foam commands working with v0.6

Describe the bug All the Foam commands fail with e.g. Command 'Foam: Show graph' resulted in an error (command '' not found) and analogous for the other commands in v0.6

They still appear in the Command Palette, so they are loaded in some way, but the actual command doesn't seem to be properly setup.

Affected package

  • foam-vscode

To Reproduce This might be something with my setup again, will try to track this down if someone can give me some pointers.

Additional context Maybe this is related to frontmatter formatting issues again?


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Just in case other Linux users find this via search:

If you use Code OSS or VSCodium you won't see the new versions of the Foam extension because they're not using the Microsoft Marketplace anymore by default. Instead, they use OpenVSX. The extension on OpenVSX is not updated at the moment. From what I can tell it's also not clear whether it will be a reliable update channel in the future.

To switch back to the Microsoft Marketplace, follow instructions on SO.

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