Ask questions["BUG"] Foam: Show graph' fails with "All collection items must start at the same column"

Describe the bug

The new graph does not work or it is unclear what is required to make it work.

Affected package unclear

To Reproduce Upgrade to v0.4

Run command Foam: Show Graph

Command 'Foam: Show graph' resulted in an error (All collection items must start at the same column)

Expected behavior Whatever that command is actually supposed to do.

Additional context brings up yaml (i.e. frontmatter) as a possible cause for a different error. I also have that in some files and might investigate this. Still I do not think that this feature should break simply because I am using YAML, without ever being told how YAML interacts with it.


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Running the command from the other issue and restarting does seem to fix it. Still I consider this a bug, because this forces me to conform to some unknown frontmatter spec (which I'd like to use for other purposes or extensions).

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