Ask questions["BUG"] Wiklinks not being generated with v0.4 "command 'foam-vscode.update-wikilinks' not found"

Describe the bug

No wikilinks are being generated on file save.

Specifically, when manually running the command Foam: Update Markdown Reference List I get the error message:

Command 'Foam: Update Markdown Reference List' resulted in an error (command 'foam-vscode.update-wikilinks' not found)

Affected package Probably mainly foam-vscode due to the above error

To Reproduce

Not fully clear, but I can reproduce this on two different installs and was most likely caused by the update to the v0.4 version

Expected behavior Generate the links like it used to happen


Answer questions fmagin

The error message seems to disappear if I strip all frontmatter metadata like in #301 but the links still aren't generated

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