Ask questionsBug: MobX-like observer pattern doesn't work with Fast Refresh because Hooks don't get detected

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React version: 17.0.0

Steps To Reproduce

  2. Delete one of the hooks there

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Link to code example:

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The current behavior

You get "Rendered more hooks than during the previous render" error

The expected behavior

Should hot reload and re-mount the component.

The source of the issue have two parts:

  1. react-refresh and the bundler fails to inject signature to the component
  2. When no signature apparent, react-refresh consider the components as compatible, which is not always true, as in the repro

I've filed an issue also for the webpack plugin: Mobx related issue:


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If anyone using react-refresh-typescript (instead of react-refresh/babel) and having this problem, please cc me. Thanks!

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