Ask questions--allow-net=:8080 broken

If any code uses shorthand notation:

import { serve } from ""
const PORT = 8080

then any variant of

deno run --allow-net=:8080 server.ts
deno run --allow-net=localhost:8080 server.ts
deno run --allow-net= server.ts
deno run --allow-net= server.ts


Unfortunately, a lot of libraries in x use this pattern which makes locking down permissions impossible without forking all those libraries.


Answer questions jsouto18

I've tested this on the latest release and I've managed to execute the code successfully running deno run --allow-net=:8080 server.ts or deno run --allow-net= server.ts which seems to be the intended behaviour as the serve function binds to @ry is this the intended behaviour? The only other thing I found odd was trying to run serve( and running deno run --allow-net=localhost:8080 server.ts fails because localhost is not resolved to the configured IP, for example in /etc/hosts.


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