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After lands, I want to change the layout of our source tree. #2825 adds two new crates, bringing our total to 4. I think we need to move them all into a special src directory to make grepping easier, and easier for newbies to navigate.

After #2825, the //js directory is only used by cli_snapshots, I think it should be moved to a subdirectory of that crate.

Thus I propose


deno_typescript is a long name - I'd like to use something shorter. But I'm not sure what a good name would be that is descriptive yet short.. I think we can punt on that.

Also I am strongly considering merging the deno_std tree into this repo. I think //src/std would be logical. I will do that in a separate PR, but just want to mention it.


Answer questions bartlomieju

@ry done or do you still want to move everything under src/?


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