Ask questionsMajor features necessary for 1.0

We've got a lot of issues, some are tiny, others are big features. I want to outline what I perceive to be the major missing bits before we can consider 1.0

  • [ ] "deno --debug" We need to be able to debug using Chrome Devtools. As the deno userland code base grows, it becomes in increasingly painful to work without a debugger. The way this will work is with a websocket server in Rust (port 9229) which forwards messages to V8 (using V8InspectorClient).

  • [ ] Loading and execution of modules (either JS or TS) needs to be correct. This is the main thing we deliver actually, but there are still many bugs: <s>source maps are sometimes incorrect</s>, <s>double downloads happen</s>, the cache needs to be refactored

  • [X] Import maps. It's a very reasonable standard and we can provide support via a command line flag. This allows bare imports. The feature will land very soon

  • [ ] Dynamic import. 50% complete at the time of writing. Dynamic import is a necessary feature for "deno test", which also needs to be in 1.0.

  • [ ] "deno fmt" is slow on the first run. It download a couple of large prettier bundles.

  • [ ] We need to support d.ts files

  • [X] "deno bundle" outputs a single AMD bundle of your program. This is useful to share code with websites. Early work has started:

  • [ ] "deno compile" is a very interesting feature to output an executable. It would be nice to have, but I would let this slip past 1.0.

  • [x] "deno install" is a program that creates little shell script aliases to deno programs in your $PATH. This let's people distribute their code easily.

  • [ ] dlopen / plugins / extension modules. We need some way of calling into Rust land. The way Parcel does it is pretty awesome - but we need low-level primitives to build that on, as we need to carefully funnel everything through the Op abstraction. @afinch7 has a working patch for loading ops in DLLs, we are still iterating on the exact API. I would allow a true FFI module to slip past 1.0 - we'll get there - but it needs to be built on ops.

  • [ ] Support TLS

  • [ ] The web-server should be faster.

  • [ ] Do any major API renames. <s></s>

  • [X] When you visit a script url (example in a web browser, it should do better than redirect. It should look at the Accept header and serve pretty HTML. Solved in

  • [ ] If you use "" you will get auto-generated docs.

  • [ ] typescript dependencies are not loaded in parallel #2626

Other minor bugs that are nevertheless blockers:

  • [x] async iteration on fetch bodies
  • [ ]
  • [ ] support onload
  • [ ] support proxy for module downloads
  • [ ] panic on too many open files

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@ry I'll take this:

When you visit a script url

Where would the CSS live for that? Where is the website server code within deno?