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As others have expressed, mailing lists are antiquated to deal with. Feel free to ignore and close this whenever it's seen.

The last release was March 2020 with 8.32. That is the longest duration between a release for over a decade of coreutil releases.

Not much came up searching the web, this projects README or the resource links provided in this issue template. I did come across an old mailing list question where the answer about release cadence was "whenever it's ready"..

Is there a roadmap or related resource to get an idea of what's blocking that release? (this is a handy feature that platforms like Github or Gitlab can help with)

I'm particularly interested in the cp --reflink=auto default introduced back in June 2020 (fun fact: it's been exactly one year since this commit was made). Some distros backport this, but it'd be nicer to rely on an official release.

It can be confusing/unexpected to find that the behaviour differs between distros packaging for coreutils when the version is the same..


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Yes we're working on a new major release which should be ready in the next few weeks. There are fundamental changes to cp like you referenced that are appropriate for new major release


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