Ask questionsLog streaming in Stratos does not work

Describe the bug

Not sure if the bug should be reported here or on Stratos but Stratos works with regular CF Deployments so I reported here.

It seems that recent logs and log streaming does not work when connecting Stratos to a cf-for-k8s deployment.

To Reproduce*

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Deploy cf-for-k8s
  2. Connect any recent Stratos instance to it (4.3.0 in my case)
  3. Notice log streaming on every app does not work. Nothing appears.

Expected behavior

Logs should be visible

Additional context

cf logs --recent works fine.

cf-for-k8s SHA

cf-for-k8s v1.0.0 tag

Cluster information



Answer questions richard-cox

This may be similar to, that case was specifically viewing logs of an application pushed via cf cli 7 and involves and


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