Ask questionsfail: reconcile builder/cf-default-builder ( namespace: cf-workloads-staging

Describe the bug

we are deploying cf-for-k8s in eks which is an airgaped env in the private subnet, we have relocated the images to ecr and the only error we encountered during the kapp deploy -a cf -f cf-for-k8s-rendered.yml was below. Even though all pods are in ready status.

Would appreciate if someone suggest where to look into this.

10:29:47PM: fail: reconcile builder/cf-default-builder ( namespace: cf-workloads-staging
10:29:47PM:  ^ Encountered failure condition Ready == False:  (message: Get "": dial tcp: lookup on no such host)

kapp: Error: waiting on reconcile builder/cf-default-builder ( namespace: cf-workloads-staging:
  Finished unsuccessfully (Encountered failure condition Ready == False:  (message: Get "": dial tcp: lookup on no such host))

here is the corresponding message from kapp inspect -a cf --status

Namespace  cf-workloads-staging
Name       cf-default-builder
Kind       Builder
Status     conditions:
           - lastTransitionTime: "2020-11-25T14:29:40Z"
             message: 'Get "": dial tcp: lookup on
      no such host'
             status: "False"
             type: Ready
           observedGeneration: 1
           stack: {}

To Reproduce*

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. relocate all the images and generate manifest
  2. in an airgap env
  3. deploy the rendered manifest
  4. See error

Expected behavior

i can relocate all the images required to the private registry

Additional context

cf-for-k8s SHA

1.0.0 / 73745a3a9891b0d1ceec646c184b09650c626bdb

Cluster information

EKS (in private subnet)

CLI versions

paste output of the following commands

  1. ytt --version: 0.30.0
  2. kapp --version: 0.34.0
  3. kubectl version: v1.19.3

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We have created an issue in Pivotal Tracker to manage this:

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