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El mié., 14 jul. 2021 21:58, Anders Björklund ***@***.***> escribió:

Looks like Kyoto Tycoon was abandoned again in 2017 (after being left since 2012) ? There are some minor bug fixes for Kyoto Cabinet, I guess I will add those to the others...

Since it is not available as packages in any distribution, that also makes adoption less likely.

This could become a problem for ccache, which is looking for authentication (while optional)

Kyoto Tycoon's security model is based on serving clients on a internal network as, by design, it provides no authentication mechanism.

While the storage backend "works", I'm not sure if it adds anything over Http and Redis ?

So far it seems that both the protocol (HTTP) and the database (KC) is somewhat slower. That is, for performance it is better to use Redis and RocksDB*. Otherwise, NGINX/DAV.

Yes, http and dav are great protocols, and the Kyoto libre family of software is a great backend for that. Memcached is also a great protocol. If you want security I think wireguard would be a reasonable way to get it, but that doesn't belong in ccache, but we could help the user set it up.

  • of course one could also go for (not open-source) Redis Enterprise and Redis on Flash

I think you answered your own question here.

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