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client: borg 1.1.13

server: borg 1.1.13

Operating system (distribution) and version.

client: Centos 6

server: Centos 7

Hardware / network configuration, and filesystems used.

Backup via internet

How much data is handled by borg?


302366 files

Full borg commandline that lead to the problem (leave away excludes and passwords)

borg create -s -p -C lzma --list --filter=AME --exclude-from=/root/exclude-backup.txt --files-cache=ctime,size borg@server-ip:backup/pdc::pdc-{now} /home/data/

Describe the problem you're observing.

I experience slow 2nd+ backup with winbind as nss provider after a after successful 1st backup.

First backup takes 23 hours, next backups still takes >20 hours

Can you reproduce the problem? If so, describe how. If not, describe troubleshooting steps you took before opening the issue.

I have tried to remove /root/.cache , but still slow


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Answer questions ThomasWaldmann

I guess we rather should fix this in borg 1.2, it's quite likely it needs a bigger / critical change to the code.

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