Ask questions"Can't generate a change-address key. No keys in the internal keypool and can't generate any keys."

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I am trying to make a purchase but am unable to. bitcoin-qt gives the error:

"Can't generate a change-address key. No keys in the internal keypool and can't generate any keys."

When I try to Google this error, I only come up with mirrors of Bitcoin's source code. debug.log doesn't show any additional information.

No money is sent and there are no new transactions with the wallet.

The wallet is encrypted and unlocked. Using bitcoin-qt v0.18.0 on Gentoo Linux. Tried both the third-party layman version and compiling the official source and both fail to let me make a purchase. The last transaction on the wallet was in December 2018 and whatever the latest version of bitcoin-qt was back then.


Answer questions redblade7

After downgrading to 0.17.1 I was able to make a purchase with no errors.

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