Ask questionsGrowing container size due to missing cleanup for /tmp/*.{jpg,mp4} files

Thanks for providing this great glueing service, @bbernhard ! I recently praised it in my stream ;-)

I stumbled over a minor issue/annoyance: A sudo docker container ls -s reveals the following:

58f27f04c663        bbernhard/signal-cli-rest-api            "signal-cli-rest-api"    7 days ago          Up 7 days >8080/tcp                           signal-api                                   118MB (virtual 2.04GB)

On inspecting with container diff reports the following situation:

$ sudo docker container diff signal-api
C /tmp
A /tmp/10096571-0b51-41ac-84cc-44bd77a6fc4e.mp4
A /tmp/193791b7-a84c-4458-823d-6120b33c6b56.jpg
A /tmp/c37bebc6-c6a8-40b6-92c4-c770a97bdfeb.jpg
A /tmp/dfbea440-7709-4600-9065-7ce02fe76ba7.jpg
C /tmp/hsperfdata_root
D /tmp/hsperfdata_root/57
A /tmp/2c1f1207-e9ca-47c7-b1c3-3a7dc064b792.jpg

A container restart does not clean them up.

After inspecting the code it seems there is also some sort of cleanup logic. Not sure where the fallthrough is lying: func cleanupTmpFiles()

For me it seems that nearly no cleanup happened at all, because the file list more or less matches all media files I yet sent via the API?!


Answer questions bentolor

Awesome! Thanks for you lightning fast fix!


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