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I migrated my Sonoff S20 lately to Tasmota and miss an important functionality: My problem is, that I use the S20 plug to water plants outdoor: With the EWELink firmware there was an "inching" functionality available which allowed me to define a custom time span after which the plug reliably would turn off automatically.

My Wifi connection outdoor is only sporadic available if at all. On demand-programming a new cycle via web interface turned out to be rather cumbersome (UI UX) or not possible (broken Wifi Link).

Therefore restoring my former functionality of just pressing the button to start on demand a new watering cycle which gets automatically turned off i.e. after 10 minutes would be a big win. Yet I drained my water barrels empty more than once…

Describe the solution you'd like
I want to be able to configure a custom time period after which the plug should turned off itself reliably.

This means i.e. after a turning on the plug by a short button press (default behavior) it will automatically turn off after my custom configured time (i.e. 10 mins). This auto-turn-off period could also apply to schedule-triggered turn-ons.

Describe alternatives you've considered
1. Manually programming a new time table entry: Doesn't work due to crappy Wifi connection. 2. Manually turning of: I forget it EVERY time! 3. Looking at the button config options: Didn't see any way to copy my desired behavior

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Thanks @schrej-zz : Found a cookbook recipe similar to my use case:

Using this I found out I must enter

Rule1  ON Power1#state=1 DO RuleTimer1 4 ENDON ON Rules#Timer=1 DO Power1 Off ENDON
Rule1 1

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