Ask questionsI have uploaded a video on my phptube and only thing that happened is go to blank page

have uploaded a video on my phptube


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Hey @ucmafialtd - are you not planning on using TurnKey anymore? If not, that's fine, no hard feelings or any of that. Especially considering that you had such a crappy run trying to get things up and running...

Although as you say, the TurnKey server is still running (so is still costing you money on AWS) and you are still on the TurnKey free trial which will expire in a few days. Please hit me up via so I can help you shut down your server and cancel your TurnKey account so that you don't get hit with fees! We have a 90 day refund policy, but it's still better to avoid the fees in the first place.

Re getting your domain to migrate to a new server, you'll need to adjust the nameservers with your domain registrar to point to whatever new nameservers you are using. Otherwise, you'll need to create an A record to point to your new server's IP.


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