Ask questionsseries count API returns old value after calling delete series API

Describe the bug I got old return value from /api/v1/series/count after calling /api/v1/admin/tsdb/delete_series.

To Reproduce

After ingesting multiple time series,

$ curl http://localhost:8428/api/v1/series/count

then, delete series from VM.

$ curl -G 'http://localhost:8428/api/v1/admin/tsdb/delete_series' --data-urlencode 'match[]={__name__=~".*"}'

Now, series API returns empty result.

$ curl -G 'http://localhost:8428/api/v1/series' --data-urlencode 'match[]={__name__=~".*"}' --data 'start=0'

But count API still returns old stats.

$ curl http://localhost:8428/api/v1/series/count

Expected behavior

I want to get a correct value from series count API after series deletion.


  • v1.41.0

Used command-line flags

  • nothing

Answer questions ledmonster

I see. Let me explain my background. Since I implements dynamic logic to ingest metrics from IoT devices to VM, I write unit tests for ingestion program with VM and confirm my logic before deploying it to production.

  • start VM container locally
  • run tests
  • stop container

To make each test independent, I delete time series on tear down. And I noticed that count API doesn't be reset with series deletion. For tests, I can achieve my purpose without count API, so current behavior doesn't matter for me. Just for your information. Thanks.


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