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When I try to substitute VictoriaMetrics for Prometheus+Pushgateway, lack of additional labels feature on prometheus import API (/api/v1/import/prometheus) makes work harder. Pushgateway does support additional labels on API, and I want to use it in the import API, too.

Describe the solution you'd like

One idea is to support same API as Pushgateway.


or some query strings (e.g. labels) may also work.


Describe alternatives you've considered

Now I'm using remote_write API instead. I parse Prometheus exposition format to WriteRequest and post it to the API with following code.


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I think it would be great adding labels={<LABEL_NAME>:<LABEL_VALUE>,...} query arg to all the supported data ingestion protocols that work over http.

That's great!!

I'm also using relabeling feature, thank you.


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