Ask questionsIs it possible for VictoriaMetrics to substitue Prometheus+Pushgateway?

Im currently using Prometheus with a pushgateway where I have some batch jobs and other scripts that push stats/data to push gateway, which gets propagated to prometheus (prometheus pulls data from here). Im exploring VictoriaMetrics as it provides additional promQL operations that pure prometheus doesn't and my setup is following: script/batchjob -> pushgateway <- prometheus -> VictoriaMetrics

Im wondering if its possible to just get rid of both pushgateway and prometheus and have my batchjob/script directly interface with VictoriaMetrics?


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For me, remote_write based direct access to VM is working well, now. I had to fill timestamps to data after parsing prometheus text-based format, though.(Now, I want a kind of VM client library. 😄 )

Anyway, I'll create a feature request to support additional labels on api/v1/import/prometheus. Since pushgateway is supporting additional labels, user can easily switch to VM with this feature.

So, this issue can be closed, isn't it?


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