Ask questionsUsing Victoria Metrics with Grafana Label Legend does not work with Prometheus Labels

I am testing out Victoria Metrics as a long term storage solution for Prometheus, however I have run into a weird bug, with Grafana Legends, where Prometheus labels are not working properly.

The below picture is a graph which I made, and each line should be a different interface. I use the Grafana Legend to be filled out with the ifName label. However, if you look at the graph you can see that the ifName is not set correctly.


I know that everything works correctly on the query and Grafana end, because if I switch the data source to use Prometheus directly, I get the correct result.


Versions of Software:

Grafana: 6.0.2 - Docker Container Prometheus: 2.8.1 - Docker Container Victoria Metrics: 1.12.3 Single-node - Docker Container


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@valyala I have tested v1.12.4 and this issue is now fixed. Thank you for assisting with this problem.

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