Ask questionsCreate a tool for migrating Prometheus data from InfluxDB to VictoriaMetrics

The issue

It is non-trivial to migrate Prometheus data from InfluxDB to VictoriaMetrics, when InfluxDB was set up as a remote storage for Prometheus.

The solution

Create a tool similar to outflux for seamless migration of Prometheus data from Influx to VictoriaMetrics.


Answer questions hagen1778

Not exactly. When we import data from Influx to VM some data mapping happens - see And author of the issue that you referenced propose to change the mapping if we know in advance that metrics in Influx were Prometheus metrics before. This change will only affect metric and tag names. What happens now if you import data from Influx:

foo,tag1=value1,tag2=value2 field=12 => foo_field{tag1="value1", tag2="value2"} 12

What author of the issue proposes to do if we know in advance that we import Prometheus metrics:

foo,tag1=value1,tag2=value2 field=12 => foo{tag1="value1", tag2="value2"} 12 // suffix field was dropped

Anyway, my advice is to try to import small fraction of your data in Influx.

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